• What's the EXMGE YouTube Network?

    EXMGE is an official YouTube Network. We support actively Creators, Labels and Companys to be more successful. Partners have the opportunity to display premium ads and we also offer additional ad programs to generate higher revenues. Our target is to increase your sustainably range. Of course there are many other reasons why our partners take our benefits including using software provided by YouTube wich is searching for our content uploaded by third partyies. If a third party video matches with our reference audio or video file we're able to claim it automatically for monetization to generate additional revenues.
  • I do have a claim from EXMGE on my video. What does that mean?

    Your video has been claimed automatically by ContentID/AudioID, because segments of your videos are matching with our references, which has been provided to EXMGE by our clients. Normally claims will be created full automatically. This means that we normally do not claim your video manually! Sometimes the algorithm claims videos in error. If the content in your video does not match our reference file, which you can review on YouTube, please contact us or dispute the claim and we'll review! If you purchased a license from one of our clients, please dispute the claim and enter in the dispute section links to copies from license documents which proof what you are legally allowed to monetize the content from our clients. After review we'll relase the claim asap! If you don't have a written license you should not dispute the claim to avoid any trouble.
  • Which benefits will a partnership with EXMGE bring along?

    A partnership with our network enables you many benefits including increased audience, higher revenues, more tools, more possibilities and more support.
  • How do I get paid?

    Payments made every month by the EXMGE Network, if you reach the very low minimum limit for payouts. You don't need a Google AdSense Account to partner with our network.
  • Is EXMGE directing what content partners have to upload?

    No we basically won't. Partners keep full control of their channel. We´ll never ask you for your password and won't direct you, when to upload a video or whether you upload a video at all. This decision is up to you only.
  • Can minors partner with EXMGE?

    Yes minors can partner with us if the legal representatives agree this.
  • Costs a membership something?

    No! Our Service is absolutely free. You never have to pay us anything either we charge any hidden costs.
  • Can I leave the network?

    Yes you can leave our network. After terminating our partnership the old YouTube partner state will be restored. With termination of your partnership with EXMGE all licenses will return back to you.
  • Does EXMGE have licenses for computer games?

    We do have arrangements with many game publishers to monetize gaming content.